Nursing home health-care aides need more training, suffer ‘worrisome’ burnout: study

Front-Line staff in Nursing homes and hospitals across Canada are experiencing a crisis; one that is being ignored by Health Regions and government officials alike, and it is our most vulnerable in society who are suffering because of it.

Saskatoon Health Region dealing with system backlog

Capacity is the problem, not the severity of cases coming into the ER… hallway patients and pods are becoming the norm and it is compromising patient safety. We are in a crisis that is being ignored. We have a healthcare system that is hemorrhaging from multiple wounds and we are worried about what kind of flower arrangement and get well card we are going to send it (referring to Kaizen and Lean). If our health region isn’t treated like a critically ill patient (AND SOON) we will see patient safety issues and critical incidents more and more in the headlines. I’m calling a CODE BLUE!!!!

Global News

SASKATOON – The Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) is asking people to be mindful of other patients when going to city hospitals. Officials say, in some cases, it’s taking patients two days to be admitted because non-emergency cases continue to backlog the region’s emergency departments.

SHR announced Monday afternoon it is seeing an increase in emergency room visits compared to last year. All three hospitals are experiencing longer waits for those patients seen in emergency, admitted for hospital care and waiting for a bed.

READ MORE: Saskatoon Health Region sounds alarm over record demand for care

“This morning when we did our bed rounds, some of the patients were waiting up to 48 hours for their admission up to the units, which creates a backlog for those patients who are just waiting to see minor emergency-type things,” said Corey Miller, SHR integrated health services vice president.

People are being urged to…

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Creation: The Universe from a backyard

Amazing images of ‘beyond’.

Fellowship of the Minds

“He determines the number of the stars; He calls them all by their names.” -Psalm 147:4


The wonder-inducing photographs above and below (click to enlarge), of spectacular clouds of gas surrounding stars in the heavens, were taken by Eric Coles, 70, from the back garden of his home in Illinois!

Using different filters on his five telescopes, Mr. Coles was able to bring out the shapes and patterns created by different gases that have absorbed energy from nearby stars.


And here’s the backyard photographer, Eric Coles!

Eric Coles

Source: Caters News (via Yahoo)


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Healing the Shame That Binds You

John Bradshaw’s message is still relevant today and opens a dialogue about what continues to plague society today. Bradshaw (for me) presents the necessary work that we all must do to examine where in our lives the unhealthy shame has permeated our lives and behaviors.

Watch this 6 part series here:

We all need to do our own work….getting real and discovering our humility…

I thank my friend LWC for introducing me to this amazing man…..

Fishmonger Fearmonger

Fellowship of the Minds




a person or store that sells fish for food.



Someone who spreads fear, or needlessly raises the alarm.

Selling Fish and Selling Fear


Yes! I’ll have some haddock today, and some Maine lobster tomorrow. Some baked stuffed shrimp would be a real treat. Or how about a bucket of Chesapeake Bay blue crabs with old bay seasoning?


I like mine straight up. Maybe a little Glenn Beck with a dash of Alex Jones. And you can’t beat some good old Honky Racism, a white blood sucker dish with Louis Farrakhan sauce.  And for the more ordinary palette, we can put up a side of Fox Breaking News ALLERT. Now if you feel daring there is also some survivalist hot sauce. Or, how about an appetizer of EMP attack?

Then again… 

Maybe I’ve had enough fish and fear today. Something happier might suit my taste. I know!!!

How about…

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July 17, 2014 Israel starts ground attack in Gaza

Pope Francis visited Israel back in May, encouraging peace talks between Israel and Palestine, effectively making the statement that he could do what Obama had failed to do. A month and a half later as Israel’s forces begin a ground offensive in Gaza, the Vatican appears strangely silent on the recent weeks slaughter of 233 Palestinians and One Israeli citizen. Will there be an official statement from Pope Francis? Or will he fulfill Prophesy by bringing in a ‘forced peace treaty’ as foretold in the Book of Revelation?
Few agnostics, athiests and men and women of faith can hardly ignore this harbinger and what it may portend. My prediction is that if Pope Francis brokers a treaty he will install himself on the throne of God and maybe that’s been the plan all along…

Twelve Books - Rapture, Antichrist, False Prophet, End Time Signs, Bible Prophecy, Nando

The middle east is heating up by the day. In the news below it shows Israel moving into a ground offensive in Gaza. Its proxy ally Iran collapsed the talks on nuclear issues with the six world powers and ISIS is doing their thing in Iraq.


Israeli PM orders ground offensive in Gaza: official statement

Israeli soldiers ride on a military vehicle near the Israel-Gaza Border, Thursday, July 17, 2014. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later Thursday instructed the military to begin a ground offensive in Gaza , an official statement said.






JERUSALEM, July 17 (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday instructed the military to begin a ground offensive in Gaza, an official statement from his office said.

Reuters witnesses and Gaza residents reported heavy artillery and naval shelling and helicopter…

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The Cost of Hidden Knowledge

Indy contemplates the theft of the golden idol, that when lifted sets off a chain reaction of 'booby-traps' that nearly kill him.  Is the idol symbolic of our quest for knowledge?
Indy contemplates the theft of the golden idol, that when lifted sets off a chain reaction of ‘booby-traps’ that nearly kill him. Is the idol symbolic of our quest for knowledge?

I’ve been away from the Message To Eagle blog for too long…I really love the stories brought to light as they are well researched and thought/imagination provoking.

Like the author of the article below, I’ve had hope that some of mankind’s greatest mysteries and strongly held beliefs would be shattered with an open-source approach to archaeology. Based on what I’ve been reading lately, there is a thirst for knowledge about our past that appears unprecedented in human history.  We are exploring the boundaries of what we know and finding that there is more on the other side.  What may be possible has overtaken what is probable and given us a wider view of ourselves that is hopeful in a world that at times appears hopeless.

But what is the cost of this free unfettered knowledge?  Is it like the scene in my favorite movie (see image above) where archaeological artifacts are hidden away for our own benefit?  Can we be trusted to peer into the archives of the Vatican?  Would humanity go mad?  Or would it be set free?

Consider this article from Message To Eagle:

“Ignorance, suppression, denial, and cover-ups of anomalous artifacts and fossils are practiced today and have been for hundreds of years. That is an unfortunate development of human history.”

“Is there a plot to control history?

“Some years ago, author and researcher David Hatcher Childress expressed his views on the subject of suppression of archaeological evidence. In an article entitled Archaeological Cover-Ups he wrote the following: “Most of us are familiar with the last scene in the popular Indiana Jones archeological adventure film RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK in which an important historical artefact, the Ark of the Covenant from the Temple in Jerusalem, is locked in a crate and put in a giant warehouse, never to be seen again, thus ensuring that no history books will have to be rewritten and no history professor will have to revise the lecture that he has been giving for the last forty years.

“While the film was fiction, the scene in which an important ancient relic is buried in a warehouse is uncomfortably close to reality for many researchers.

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